Weather Photos Page 4

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This was the flooding as a result of a heavy thunderstorm that moved through Granbury Texas on Tuesday May 29th, 2007 around 7am CDT.

This was the radar image of that same thunderstorm. The 2 images are an hour apart, so you can see how heavy the rain was. It was taken from

Later in the day on May 29th, another thunderstorm moved into our area. It took over a day for the ditch to empty out. The first 3 images are the storm approaching, the last 2 are the heavy rains that came with the storm.

June 26th, 2007 Thunderstorms and flooding.

These first images are the radar at the times specified on the images for our region. I got them from's radar page at the time.

These pictures are the resulting flooding from the heavy rains from the storms in the above radar images.

Shelf Cloud August 17th, 2007

Plane Pictures
Pictures from aircraft as we were flying to Canada and back in mid September 2008.