Weather Photos Page 3

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These are pictures of some nice cloud development at Sauble Beach, Ontario on August 2nd, 2003. A storm was approaching as well in the last couple of shots.

January 26th, 2004
The first big snowstorm of the winter brought with it stiff east winds that came off Lake Ontario. This produced snowsqualls off the lake through the whole day. Here are some pictures I took in the middle of the afternoon

January 27th, 2004
More pics from this massive snowstorm over the past 2 days. The snow totals have been at least over 1 foot, or 30cm so far with more snow expected today.

April 3rd, 2007
This evening here around Granbury Texas I caught a good funnel cloud. It didn't look like it touched down but it was pretty long. I couldn't see the bottom so not sure of a touchdown. The thunderstorm that followed had marble sized hail and very heavy downpours. Here are the pictures.

May 2nd, 2007
Severe thunderstorms moved through our area on this day.

These images were of a storm that developed infront of the main line of storms. The thunder was interesting as it sounded like cannon shells instead of a crackling or rumbling sound like you would expect.

These next 2 images were the damage done to the house next to us from the high winds.

This last image was taken after the storms moved on. This was the back end of the line of severe storms.