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One day I looked out my bedroom window and saw this to the East. It was most likely over Eastern Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Awesome sight!

These are some shots of a developing storm that passed by just to our south:

Ever see a turbulent sky? If you haven't seen one, here are some pictures of one that was over my house a couple of years ago. These pictures don't show you how is is churning though. This type of sky is usually at the very beginning of a thunderstorm although it doesn't always mean the storm is severe.

Here are a few shots of what our winter is like here in the Toronto Area, these were taken in my backyard:

We had some close calls with severe weather over the last couple of weeks and one direct hit. Here are some of the shots of the close calls.

The first one is a shelf cloud from a severe thunderstorm that passed over us, but by the time it reached our area, the storm had already died out so nothing followed this cloud.

The next few shots are of a line of thunderstorms that developed to our north and slid southwards late in the day. The section that was headed for us didn't have enough energy so it died before reaching us. To our east though, there was a very good line of thunderclouds that were still building up so I got a few shots of them. It was a cold front and the air was very unstable which led to an isolated cell which developed and it is the single cloud near the center of the images.

Here is a photo that shows the one storm that was a direct hit on our area. It isn't the best shot but I can tell you that it was a very intense storm. There was marble sized hail that fell for a brief period as well as a microburst that passed through our area. The mircoburst was very impressive, it looked like a snowsquall that went through. There were tornadoes reported throughout Southern Ontario during the day, and one of them was just to our west near Milton, Ontario. In this shot, however, you can barely see some of the rainbands in the background as this was the second cell that passed through. The whole event lasted for about 90 minutes.

I also got some pictures that show some afternoon summer showers that moved through the area. Don't let the darkness fool you, they are not storms. It only looks dark because it was brighter where I was than under the clouds so it only looks dark.

These are just some shots of cumulus clouds that have passed through our area over the past couple of weeks. They developed as a result of daytime heating.

The sun disappears behind the dark clouds of a late July Storm....

More peaceful summer afternoon skies......