This video clip is a thunderstorm passing by to our south in the late evening. I managed to get some lightning shots from it and they are here in this video clip. Enjoy!

These 2 video clips are of a severe hailstorm that moved through the Granbury Texas area on March 31st, 2008.

This is a video clip of a heavy thunderstorm that moved through the Granbury, Texas area on June 26th, 2007. The land around our house flooded even though we are next to a canal. The drainage ditch infront of our house filled up to the top. Watch the video to see the storm and flooding.

Severe thunderstorms that moved through our area on May 2nd, 2007 in Granbury Texas.

Another severe weather event went through Texas April 24th, 2007. Strong thunderstorms went through our area and was followed by a tornado warning. Here is some video of the storms. The video doesn't do the storms justice, but it turned out ok anyway.

Severe thunderstorms that went through on April 3rd 2007. These 2 video clips were taken as the storms were moving in and still strengthening.

A couple of days ago in Texas, a strong thunderstorm pushed through with very heavy rains. There was a lot of cg (cloud-to-ground)lightning and it lasted about 10-20 min. This video was taken right as the heaviest rain started, and it was coming off the roof in sheets looking like mist or fog.

This is a video clip my parents took while on vacation in Florida in August 2004. Just beyond the plaza that can be seen in this clip is Tampa Bay, so this is a waterspout forming over Tampa Bay. Enjoy!

Music is done by myself "Dj S Storm - Morning"
Using Dance Ejay