Weather Photos from Texas

Trip took place from August 5th to August 21st, 2006
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These images were of storms as they moved by in the distance. They were taken from the back deck of the house I was staying at. The last 5 images are in sequence of a large storm as it got closer to the area but still missed us by a decent distance. In Texas, it is harder to determine distance since it is so flat.

This next set of images was taken as we drove down to Galveston for a couple of days. Started out sunny and hot but as we approached Houston and moved further south from there, things got very stormy towards the coast. Between the bridge to the island of Galveston and the beaches we drove through a very intense thunderstorm. Lightning was coming down all around us and the rain was very heavy. The first image is close to Houston. The second image was driving into the thunderstorm, showing the small shelf cloud in the front. The 3rd, 4th and 5th images were taken along the shoreline, showing what is also sometimes called "The whales mouth" because the clouds can form in ribbons similar to the look of a whales mouth. It is a very turbulent sky.

These next 2 images were taken the day after the storm above. A good rainshower was approaching from the west-southwest and we got caught in it on the beach. No lightning was associated with this but it was a good rainfall. The second image was at the same time but facing east to show how isolated the rain was.

These last 3 images show how beautiful the sunsets were from the back deck where I was staying. The deck is elevated and is facing west so makes for a perfect setting each evening.