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Weather Links
Site Description
This is a very good website for weather. They have a large radar map of the entire USA and some of southern Canada is shown as well. You can also zoom in on any location
The Weather Network Canada
Here is a link to the Canadian Weather Network, very good site with a lot of information
Australian Weather Photography
Probably the best website on the internet for weather pictures. They literally have thousands of pics available and they are all in categories. Check this one out.
Weather Office Homepage
Click on this link to find Environment Canada's weather website with forcasts for anywhere in Canada
Here is an excellent weather website that is mainly dedicated towards Ontario, Canada. Severe Weather and Storm Chasing themes.
The Weather Channel USA
The website for The Weather Channel in the USA. Many good weather features on this site.
Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery
If you want the best satellite pictures, check out this website. The best view is the visible satellite, you can zoom in on any location, and sometimes you can see the shadows of the clouds on the ground.
Storm Prediction Center's Day One Outlook
Want to know what the risk of severe weather is for the next day accross the USA? check out this site.
Great Lakes Information by NOAA
Want to see what the temperatures are on the Great Lakes? How about some other interesting climate data on the Great Lakes? Then check out this website, they have it all.
UM's Weather Cams
This is a neat website that has links to many sites with webcams in the USA listed alphabetically by state. For almost all of them, you can see the current sky conditions for each city.
Earth And Atmospheric Science and Space Engineering At York University
This is a link to the department of Earth And Atmospheric Science at York University in Ontario, Canada.
National Centers for Environmental Prediction
This is a great website if you want to look at the current weather models for this forecast period. Unless you know what you are looking at though, you may not understand what each one represents.
Model Viewer
Website made by one of my good friends at school. He used the addresses for the models at the website above, and made a site to view them in a much easier way. Check it out.
Northern Ontario Storms
Website packed with weather information for Northern Ontario. Current Conditions and photos of past weather events. Check it out.
Vaughan Weather Chase Page
Storm chaser website based just North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Full of chase logs, pictures, and a lot more chaser information.
Extreme Instability
Storm chaser website out ot the USA. Detailed accounts of chases and beautiful pictures, great website to check out if you like seeing severe weather photos
BUFKIT Homepage
If you are into weather forecasting for yourself, or for fun, this website has a tool that is used by many forecasters in predicting types of precipitation, snowsqualls and severe weather. It can be overwhelming or confusing to use unless you know some details about weather forecasting, so use at your own risk, but it is an excellent tool.
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Music Links
Site Description
This is an excellent internet radio station with a big online community. They have at least 14 channels of music offered.
This is another great trance website and you can even sign up for an e-mail address here. There is also a huge forum community.
Yet another great internet radio station centering around electronic dance music.
Are you into trance music? If so, check out this link.
Dj Tiesto's Website
The Homepage for my favourite Trance Music DJ.
Dj Kristoff's Official Website
Homepage for a great Canadian DJ named Dj Kristoff. Site features mixes and a forum. His mixes are mainly High-nrg trance music, the kind I personally love.
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Video Game Links
Site Description
Here is a link to what is probably one of the best sites online for Video Game news.
Amazing website full of trailers for up and coming video games for any platform. Check this out.
EB Games
Website for Electronics Boutique. Major Videogame retailer in the USA and now in Canada.
Stuck in a game and don't know what to do? check out this site for walkthroughs and faq's for almost every game out there.
Main website for a large and popular online role-playing video game. Lots of fun and places to explore, and no monthly access fee.
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Misc Links
Site Description
One of the best shopping sites on the net. Almost anything you could want, you would find here.
Heathers Animations
Most of the animated Gifs I have on my site came from here. Great selection for anyone.
York University Homepage
Website of the University I recently graduated from. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
This site is not in elglish but by clicking on the images near the top of the page, you can access a huge gallery of beautiful computer generated images. Some of the pictures look like photos.
Logo and Graphics Generator
Great website to generate text banners with any message you want. Choose from many styles of text as well
Great website community to upload, share or view user videos from any category worldwide, and free.
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